Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions below. If you have additional questions or need more information about St. Anthony Schools, please contact the school office.

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  • 4.5 Credits of English
  • 4 Credits of Religion
  • 3 Credits of each Math, Social Science & Science
  • 1.5 Credits of PE/Health
  • 1 Credit each of Computers/Consumer Education & Fine Arts
  • 25 Total Credits
  • Annual Retreats & Days of Service

School & Curriculum

We will be contacting all incoming freshman to build a schedule. Schedules will be built around March.

  • 9th: Practice ACT
  • 10th: Practice ACT
  • 11th: Practice ACT (PSAT if requested)
  • 12th: No test

Information about the ACT test will come through emails during your sophomore and junior year. We have seen many students improve their ACT test score by taking a ACT prep class through Jason Franklin. His website is https://betterprepsuccess.com.

Religion I, English I, Math, Science, Fine Arts (Band, Chorus, Music, or Art), Physical Education, Computer Applications, Health, Spanish I

We recognize the need to challenge each and every student in our building. Honors courses are much more rigorous and certainly not intended for all students. We have the following guidelines in place for students to enter these courses. Honors courses include Honors Geometry and Honors Algebra II.

Freshman Placement Criteria

  • Entrance Test Scores – Recommendations will be given based on standardized test results & SAHS placement test. (85 percentile or higher).
  • Junior High grades
  • Student/Parent Input/Request

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Placement Criteria

  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Work habits of student
  • Motivation of student

Mondays through Thursdays

  • Early Bird (EB) starts at 7:40
    Early Bird is an optional period that most students utilize. 8th-period classes are offered and optional (end at 3:30)
  • 1st period at 8:30
  • 7th period ends at 2:47 pm


  • Early Bird starts at 7:35
  • 1st Period at 8:17
  • Mass in the church begins at 8:30.

3 minute passing periods

Students get more freedom and more choices upon entering high school. We all need to communicate to the students that with increased freedom comes increased responsibility. This includes behavior, grades, and more. You will get the opportunity to participate in different sports and clubs. Take ownership of your future by getting involved especially in things that might interest you.

How do we foster responsibility?

  • Students gain independence compared to what they experienced in grade school
  • With increased independence comes increased responsibility.
  • Students will be held accountable for what is in the student handbook. We HIGHLY recommend both parents and students read the handbook.

Driver’s Education is now taught at St. Anthony High School

(EHS only offers Driver’s Education during the school day)

How it works:

  1. Classroom Portion: SAHS ($30 payable to SAHS)
  2. Classroom
    • Approximately 1st 4 weeks of Summer Break
    • End of October into November (4 weeks)
      Students get white slip at the end of the classroom portion.
    • Driving Portion: Unit 40 handles ($120 payable to Unit 40).
      We send to Unit 40 the birthdates and contact information of all students. Unit 40 then contacts and schedules the students for driving.
  • We are fortunate to have a chaplain in our building daily.
  • Tuesday mornings (7 am): Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) Chapel Mass
  • Thursday mornings (7 am): Chapel Mass
  • 3rd Thursday: 6:30 am Mass followed by breakfast in Room 7:7
  • First Friday Adoration
  • Annual Class Retreats
  • An active Campus Ministry program with many more opportunities
  • Summer Camps will be announced in the media as well as sent out through email.
  • We want students to participate.
  • Please also sign up as Booster Club members. The Booster Club funds 100% of the operations of our entire athletics program.

60 hours are required for graduation

They are required to complete differing amounts in 6 categories. These categories include:

  1. Church (15 hours)
  2. Catholic Charities (2 hours)
  3. Knights of Columbus (3 hours)
  4. Community Organizations/Events (10 hours)
  5. School / Booster Club (10 hours)

For more information regarding our service hour requirements and options for each category, please refer to our school handbook.

We post many service hour opportunities on our announcements and in study hall. Opportunities exist beyond what we announce. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to find opportunities.

Summer service hours must be turned in by the end of August.

Most AP classes in a 5 county area

  • AP: earn credit at nearly any college with a passing score on test in May.
  • Tests are very difficult.
  • Dual Credit: Enrolled in a specific course as a student at SAHS & LLC concurrently.
  • 60% of graduates earn dual credit or AP credit.
  • Great opportunity to get a head start, be prepared for college, & save $$.
  • Need to do well as an underclassman to be prepared for these courses.

School Policies

St. Anthony High School strives to create a Christian community of students where respect and acceptance of one another is fostered. High standards for behavior are in place and expected of each student. Please understand that if your child gets into trouble that we are not chastising the student but the behavior. Understand that if we don’t deal effectively with small behaviors that bigger problems will arise.

Every student has the right to feel good about walking through our front doors every day. Every students should feel good about who they are and who God has called them to be. We will work hard to make deter bullying. Please let the principal or another adult know if any of this is going on. This is often difficult to investigate and get answers so the sooner you notify our office the more we can pay attention.

Phones must be “turned off” upon entering the classroom.

1st Offense is a $10 fine with gradually increasing fines each subsequent violation.

Students are allowed to have them between passing periods and lunch.

  1. School Lunch: $3.25 (subject to change at beginning of each school year)
    • Order in the classroom during 1st period
    • Students are served lunch in grade order (Seniors first, then Juniors, etc.)
    • May send a check with the student to school to put $ into the account or go to our Parish Center Office
  2. Vendor Lunches: Prices Vary
    • Domino’s, China Express, Joe’s Pizza
    • Students order on the clipboard in the office prior to 1st hour and pay with cash at lunch
  3. Bring Your Own: Many students do this.
    • Refrigerators and microwaves are available in the kitchen.
  4. Open Campus Lunch (on specific days)
    • Students have 1 hour to go get lunch on their own
    • Hot lunches/vendor lunches are not available on Open Campus Lunch days

Please do not bring or order other outside lunches for them or ask office to hand them out. 

Office does not make change.

  1. Student should talk to the faculty member/coach.
  2. Parent should contact the faculty member/coach.
  3. Include Principal or Athletic Director in discussions.

We are certainly aware that circumstances exist when these steps are not possible.

Please never hesitate to contact your Principal with any concerns.

  • Order upper-body apparel through Jedco.  Link to Jedco’s website.
  • Pants: No jeans or slacks made of denim are allowed. Solid tan, black, or navy pants are permitted.
  • Spirit/Jeans Days: Clothing must be in good condition and clean. Students may be asked for a monetary or food donation for a charitable cause.
  • Team Shirts on Designated Days.

Please call the office as soon as you know. Leaving a message on answering machine is fine.

  • Pre-Approved Absences with Principal’s Approval – Students are responsible for making arrangements with their teachers regarding class work in advance of the absence.
  • Personal Illness – must be in school ½ day in order to be eligible for athletics that night.
  • Funerals – Please call the office.
  • Doctor Appointments – Please call the office.

Definition of Unexcused Absence:

Not showing up to class at all (OR) showing up more than 10 minutes late into a class period without a valid reason. We count oversleeping, etc. as unexcused.

  • Consequence for not showing up to class at all = 0 for the day + 1 hour detention.
  • Consequence for oversleeping, etc. = 30 minute detention.

Definition of Tardy

Showing up to class 10 minutes or less late to class without a valid reason.

  • 1st 3 tardies are “free.” Consequences start on 4th tardy with a detention.
  • Valid reason which will be entered as excused absences:
    • Sick with a parent phone call but late to class.
  • All incoming freshmen are required to turn in a completed State of Illinois full physical form by the 1st day of their fall practice (if athlete) or by the 1st day of school (non-athletes).
  • All incoming freshmen are required to turn in a completed dental exam form.
  • Athletes: A sports physical is required annually prior to the first day of practice. Your full freshman physical counts for your sports physical.
  • Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation offered physicals at St. Anthony High School last year in the summer for $15. Look for promotions about this day in upcoming emails.
  • Immunizations records must be up to date. Your doctor should be aware of all the requirements for schools. More information can be found here.


  • Commitment & Tuition letters will be going out in approximately February.
    • Click our Tuition Information page to learn more about tuition.
    • Click here for a registration sheet. Please fill this out if your child is currently attending a school other than St. Anthony Grade School.
  • Why do we have Resource Fees? Resource fees cover major items such as books and other classroom supplies. We have recently increased the fee but will no longer ask for any payment throughout the school year. For example, the fee for retreats are now built into this one time fee. Resource fees are $500.
  • Financial Assistance application will come in all packets. The link for the application is also on the Tuition Information page on our website.

We encourage you to apply. We want all students regardless of financial status to be able to attend SAHS.


Recommended iPad: 32 GB

  • Books on the iPad: Biology and English texts are on the iPad.
    • We will still purchase the best text regardless if an iBook or not.
  • Group Purchasing: We don’t receive a significant discount so ask each student to purchase on their own.
  • Technology Plan is available on our website.
  • See this page for more details about registering your device. An email with instructions will go out in August.

Additional Information

  • This Week in Bulldog Country gives you a snapshot of the week ahead. This Week in Bulldog Country is emailed out and also posted in Teacherease
  • All announcements are posted on tv monitors in our lobby.
  • E-newsletters are sent out each Thursday.
  • Attendance: Janice Semple or Gigi Behl in Main Office at 342.6969.
  • Curriculum/College: Greg Fearday
  • Athletics: Kevin Palmer or Coach
  • Grades or Classroom questions: Teacher
  • A Complete Staff DIrectory with Contact Links is located here

We still need your help!

There are several opportunities to volunteer that are listed in your online registration process.

  • We rely on parents to help serve lunch.
  • Other opportunities also exist.
  • The Booster Club will need your help with selling concessions & taking admissions.
  • Any bookkeepers or scorekeepers are also appreciated.
  • Coaches or Booster Club Officers will contact you prior to the start of the respective season to sign up.

For additional questions

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