Tuition Information

Thank you for your interest in St. Anthony Schools. We welcome your family and look forward to years of working with you to shape your child’s future! With the discounts for multiple children, our mission is to make Catholic education available and affordable for families of all sizes!


Below are our tuition and resource fees for the coming school year. Multi-children families use the following calculation: Your oldest child is the first child rate for the school he/she attends and the remaining children are charged the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child rates for the school they attend based on birth order.

Tuition Rates:
1st Child – $5,587
2nd Child – $4,190
3rd Child – $3,143
4th Child + $ 0

High School Resource Fee:
$500 per student


Actual Cost vs. Your Cost

The un-subsidized actual cost of education per High School Student is $8,868. However, thanks to the generosity of St. Anthony parishioners and those that donate to the St. Anthony Schools Annual Fund, our actual tuition rates reflect only a portion of the true cost of education. Our actual tuition rates reflect these contributions.

Resource Fees are assessed for each student to cover expenses including textbooks, e-books, technology fees, special materials needed for particular classes or courses, guidance and counseling, photo IDs, retreats, class dues, testing fees, etc.

Ways we keep tuition affordable

St. Anthony Schools offer an opportunity for all families to contribute a gift above tuition to help cover the true cost of education. Any amount contributed over tuition is voluntary, considered a tax-deductible investment, and applied to the St. Anthony Schools Annual Fund to support the operating budget of St. Anthony Schools.

The parishioners of St. Anthony Church continue to offer their stewardship of treasure to support the operating budget for St. Anthony Schools. To support this mission, families of other faiths and Catholic families from other parishes are encouraged to make donations to the St. Anthony Schools Annual Fund in order to narrow the difference between the standard tuition charge and the true cost of educating each child.

Together we invest in your child’s development – spiritually, academically, and physically.

Encouraged by our Pastor, Fr. Peter Harman, a Tuition Assistance Program is available for eligible families to ensure that all children are offered an excellent Catholic education regardless of financial ability. The Tuition Assistance Program at St. Anthony Schools includes tuition scholarships. To ensure impartiality and sensitivity to privacy, the schools employ the FACTS service to compile applications for assistance and to recommend amounts to be awarded based on demonstrated need.

Contact our Parish Office at 217-347-7129 for more information.

Jim & Kay Jansen Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to continue to broaden the appeal of St. Anthony High School culture and curriculum throughout south central Illinois.​

The Jim and Kay Jansen Scholarship will be awarded to 6 recipients annually. Qualification guidelines and an application can be found by visiting J&J Ventures website or by clicking here.

Cornelia E. Gardewine Scholarship

The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage St. Anthony Grade School students to continue their Catholic education at St. Anthony High School.

The Cornelia Gardewine Scholarship will be awarded to 1 recipient annually. Qualification guidelines and an application can be found by clicking here.

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