November 14, 2023

Weight Room Donation

Our high school weight room recently received an upgrade!  St. Anthony alumnus Ted Habing (’81), owner of Inspire Fitness in Corona, CA, recently donated a half rack, a multi-station gym, free weights and benches, among other equipment to our school’s weight room.

With Ted’s donation, we also created a cardio room for employees equipped with a rowing machine and cycles.

Ted has given back to St. Anthony Parish and Schools for years as an annual donor to our St. Anthony Parish Picnic.  This year, he extended that donation to include our high school faculty and students.  His generosity has created a great workout space for our PE and strength training classes, athletes, and employees.

We completed the weight room upgrade with an anonymous alumni donation in memory of Robert Schuette who passed away in July 2023.  Bob was a 1965 graduate, basketball player, and avid supporter of St. Anthony Schools.  Bob’s children and several of his grandchildren are also alumni of St. Anthony Schools.  Thank you alumni for all that you do for our schools!

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