November 14, 2023

The Frassati Challenge at St. Anthony High School

During the past two years, a unique event named the “Frassati Challenge” has been making waves at St. Anthony High School, capturing the spirit of camaraderie, competition, and faith. Named after the inspirational figure Pier Giorgio Frassati, a young man whose life was a motivational example of the combination of athleticism and spirituality, the Frassati Challenge has become an event in which students and faculty look forward to participating.

What is the Frassati Challenge?

The Frassati Challenge is an athletic event in which the school faculty challenges groups of students in various sporting events. To date, these challenges included sports such as volleyball, tennis, golf, and ultimate frisbee with the cross country team.

“The idea started as a way we could help the students try to model the saints. Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati would often challenge his buddies to physical activities or sports-related activities. The events would always include prayer, Adoration, Rosary, or Mass, etc,” says Greg Fearday, High School Principal.

Ultimately, the events are about embracing the Christian values of sportsmanship, mutual respect, and having fun in competition.

Impact on Students

One of the goals for the Frassati Challenge is to foster a stronger connection between faith and athletics. We want to teach our students that dedication, perseverance, and fair play are not just essential in sports, but are fundamental tenets of a meaningful life. As they engage in spirited competition, they also learn to embody the teachings of empathy and compassion, creating a positive environment within our school community.


“The volleyball team and I thought the Frassati challenge was so fun this year. The teachers, coaches, and Father put a talented team together to make it competitive. We had fun playing against their retired athleticism, and ended up winning! Thank you for challenging us!”

-Abbi Hatton

“The Frassati challenge was a great way to experience our faith outside of Mass or specific Catholic settings. It helped me realize we can practice our faith in so many other ways.”

-Mia Schwing

“The Frassati challenge game was a fun way to get some friendly competition between the teachers and students while learning about the impact that Bl. Frassati had during his lifetime.”

-Madeline Kibler


Fr. Michael Berndt adds, “the Frassati Challenges are a way of connecting with the students in a different way than in the classroom or at Mass. It allows me to also meet them where they are at, and honestly – it is great to get out there and enjoy the joy of sports with the students! St. John Bosco, a patron of youth said something to the effect of: ‘if you love what they love, then they will love what you love.’ This is me trying to love what they love in order to win them for the Gospel.”

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